Karma Krew 
Make a Difference With Your Actions as Much as Your Asanas! 

Make a Difference With Your Actions as Much as Your Asanas!

Karma Krew is a yoga based non-profit organization whose mission is to mobilize the collective energy of the yoga community to expand the practice beyond the walls of the studios and into the hearts of our communities.  This is accomplished through a national network of yoga studios, teachers and students committed to community based social activism through volunteerism, karma yoga retreats and trainings.  Karma Krew provides local studios and teachers with resources to facilitate community service campaigns.  

It is our core belief that when the insights revealed on the mat aretranslated into action in the world, we come to realize our highest potential, both individually and collectively.  We believe that the yoga community is powerful, intelligent, compassionate and inspired.   And we believe those attributes are the very qualities that will transform our communities from the inside out.    

“As the yoga community matures, it is organizations like Karma Krew who can inspire more and more practitioners to expand their yoga practice beyond the mat and into all the simple choices of daily living. Then we will be able to say Yoga has truly infiltrated the West in a transformative and sincere way.”

–      Sarah Powers: Insight Yoga Teacher, Author and Founder of Metta Journeys
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